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Faculty Services

Course Reserves

Course Reserves is a library service that enables you to place instructional items used in your classes and allow students access to them.  Most common, faculty place copies of the required textbook on reserve.

  • Our new system allows you to include your own personal items, OER, and subscription based information.  We can password protect these items so that only you and your students have online access to them.  Your items can even be organized by week so that your students can follow along congruently between your class and the resources they need.  
  • Items outside of textbooks may need copyright clearance so we encourage faculty to speak with Lydia Johnson to gain more information on the process.  We are able to include copyright information on the items you include within your reserves.  
  • Courses that use common textbooks for multiple sections can speak with their Division Chairs and Admins in placing textbooks on Reserve for all sections (EX:  all Psychology 101 sections use the same text, regardless of instructor) 
  • Students will need their MEIDs to use items within the Physical Course Reserve Collection.   The Course Reserve Collection is physically located on the second floor of the Library.