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Democracy Wall Project

Description of the Democracy Wall Project

Phoenix Public Library Branches

SPECIAL THANKS to the City of Phoenix librarians who have contributed to the success of the 2017-2018 grant -- Rita Hamilton, Robb Barr, Alicia Martin, Alma Puebla, Andrea Sweet, Claudia Leon, Dawn Portifio-Milton, Emily Howard, Iris Chiago, Jane StaedickeJenn Masiello, Joan Flores, Joanna Marroquin, Karen Idehara, Keith Feldt, Lisa TharpMarijo Kist, Mary Mitchell, Matthew Dieckman, Mona Granroth, Rosemary ChaviraSabrena Adams, Tiffany Benedict, Tom Gemberling, Tracy Skoog, Yvonne Murphy.

Participating Library Branches Included:  Acacia, Agave, Cholla, Desert Broom, Desert Sage, Harmon, Ironwood, Mesquite, Ocotillo, Palo Verde, Saguaro, South Mountain.