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BIO181/ BIO182

BIO 181 & 182: Find and critique a peer-reviewed journal article

Welcome to this course guide for BIO181 & BIO182, regarding your assignment to find and critique a peer-reviewed, scholarly, academic journal article. This guide is for students of Professor Espinosa and other BIO instructors. 


What is a peer-reviewed scholarly article and how do you find one? 

Begin by watching this short YouTube video (3:12), Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals --

Or, search YouTube for: Peabody scholarly vs. popular; it's the first video by Vanderbilt University. 


Next, start searching for articles in the Library's science databases, at our website:

Find the databases: middle of the Library home page, under Student Resources, List of Academic Databases. Click there to go to our Databases A to Z Title listings where you can search by database title:

See Science databases tab to the left for best databases to search.