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Multicultural Children's Literature 2.0

Recommended Multicultural Children's Books

It's a Small World After All

South Mountain Community College takes great pride in its rich and diverse community. The children's collection at South Mountain Community Library offers a wide array of  book titles that celebrate this diversity and multicuturalism and at the same time address critical issues facing our children and young adults today. 

Whether you are taking a children's literature, education or childhood development class or are a parent looking for some answers, take a look at this resource guide and explore the fascinating world of multicultural children's literature.

When searching the catalog use some of these terms for best and varied results:

  •       Indians of North America 
  •       Individuality-Fiction
  •       Hispanic Americans-Fiction
  •       Racism
  •       African Americans
  •       Arab Americans-Fiction
  •       Toleration
  •       Chinese Americans-Fiction
  •       Adoption-Fiction

Narrow the search to "Books,"  "Juvenile," and "South Mountain"  and  you will find non-fiction and fiction titles in our Children's area.

There also may be books in our Spanish Language and Teen sections.    




What is Multicultural Children's Literature?

The Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison says this about multicultural children's literature:

"There is no single definition of the term "multicultural literature" as it is applied to books for children and young adults. At the CCBC, we use the term to mean books by and about people of color. All children deserve books in which they can see themselves and the world in which they live reflected."

By other definitions mutlicultural literature could mean more than just "books by and about people of color." In compiling this research guide, books were included that reflect the diversity of our culture and explore gender, identity, class, and sexual orientation. 

As defined in the  book , Introduction to Multicultural Children's Literature: A Critical Issues Approach, Ambika Gopalakrishnan adds, "multicultural children's literature is about the sociocultural experiences of previsously underrepresented groups."

As always consult your instructor for clarification on any assignment.

Enjoy the selections in this research guide and come to the service desk if you need further assistance.