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IFS Courses



IFS 201:  Information in a Post-Truth World [3-credits, L, SB].  
Develop research and critical thinking skills to find, evaluate, and ethically use information for a variety of personal, academic and professional needs. Explore the weaponization of information in an age of social media and the role of the individual as a content consumer versus creator within the context of one's worldview. Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in ENG101 or ENG107.

Course taught at CGCC, GCC, MCC and RIO 

IFS 210:  Information without Borders Research in a Global Society    [3-credits, G, SB]
Explore the emergence of a digitally-informed global community including the clash and cohesion of local, national and international systems of governance that relate to the flow and access of information. Examine emerging technologies to produce and distribute information across cultures that may mitigate or exacerbate conditions of social injustice. Prerequisites: None.

Course taught at PVC 
IFS 213: Hacking and Open Source Culture [3-credits, H, SB]
Explore the social, economic, cultural, technological, legal, and political implications of hacking and open source culture in both a historical and contemporary context. Rule-breaking, innovation, and creative use of programming/technology including the introduction to Python. No prior computer programming skills required. Prerequisites: None.
Course taught at CGCC and MCC