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SMCL's Course Reserve Collection

Some instructors provide textbooks and other course materials for students to checkout throughout the semester.  The library holds these items on the 2nd floor in their Reserve Collection.  Most items are available for a 2-hour checkout period in the library.  

You must bring your student ID or a photo ID to checkout materials from the Reserve Collection.  You must also know either your course (e.g., ENG101), your instructor's name, or the title of the item.

Instructors may place course materials on Reserve by using this form.

Please check with your instructor, call the library at 602-243-8194, or look up your class to see if the library has a textbook you can checkout.

Full List of Items on Reserve

If you would like to see a current list of the items we have in our Reserve Collection, feel free to check out this full, up-to-date guidebook complete with item titles alongside their corresponding course numbers!