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SMCL's Disability Resource Room

Location:  2nd floor of the Library, please ask at the service desk.

Available to:  Students, staff, and public library customers who need assistive technologies.  For students needing additional assistance or resources, please contact SMCC's Disability Resources manager, Catherine Pettet, at 602-243-8395 or

Resources available include:

  • JAWS- a screen reader
  • MAGic- a screen magnifier
  • MAGic large-text keyboard
  • SARA CE- a document reader and magnifier
  • Focus 40 Blue- a braille display
  • Headphones
  • Adjustable-height desks
  • Automatic door

This room serves up to 3 people at one time and usage is on a first come first serve basis.  Library staff can set up users with the equipment; however, they do not have the expertise to teach users how to use the equipment.  Please bring someone with you if you will need extensive technical assistance with any of these devices.

You will need a  Phoenix Public Library card or student ID to checkout headphones for this room.  

Other resources on the college campus include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech-to-Text Software
    • Located in SS126 & SMC Computer Commons
  • ​Kurzweil 3000/Firefly Text-to-Speech Software
    • Located in SS125, SS126, & SMC Tutoring Center
  • MaGIC Magnification Software
    • Located in SS125, SS126, & SMC Tutoring Center
  • LiveScribe Smartpen Speech-to-Text Notetaking Software
    • Available for semester rental through SMC DRS

*Access to the above resources is limited to SMC students currently enrolled in classes. Students must be granted an accommodation for use through the DRS Office. For more info, call 602-243-8027.