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Citation Help: APA & MLA

Properly cite and document sources for scholarly and personal research.

How do I Create a New Project?


Step 5A:  Open the Project Screen.

Step  5A:  Click on or touch the New project button.

New project pop-up window:


On the Create a New project screen, provide information about the project:

Step 5C: Enter a Project title. Enter a brief description that will help you remember the contents or purpose of this project when you see it later among other projects in your account.

Step 5D: Select a Citation style. Ask your instructor before choosing between MLA or APA.  SMCC instructors do not use Chicago citation style.  You will be able to change the style later if you need to, but since the data required to cite a source in one style can be different in another style, it is always best to start with the citation style your instructor is requesting.

STEP 5E: Select a Citation level. If you are not sure, please ask your instructor.

 •  Starter: Basic or ESL learners

 •  Junior: High school or  ESL learners

 •  Advanced: High school, college, graduate school, and professional

STEP 5F: Click Submit to create your new project,

STEP 5G:   Should you change your mind, click “X” in the upper right corner to return to your Projects screen.

The video below shows a quick demonstration on how to create a new project in NoodleTools. 1.05 minutes.  No audio (NoodleTools video):

How Do I Use the Dashboard to Work on a Project?


Step 6A:  When you open your new project, the first screen will be the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is like a desktop. It includes a place to keep track of your research question and thesis statement, access to a 30-day project history, information detailing who the project is shared with, a to-do list, and a place to leave comments.

The Dashboard screen has three main sections

  • 6B Project details
  • 6C Sharing and collaborating
  • 6D To-do list
    • Use your to do list to keep track of tasks, assignments and project milestones. If you're collaborating with other students, this is a shared to do list.  
    • To add an item, simply click Add to-do item.
      • Note:  When you initially add a new item to the list, it will appear at the top. Reload the Dashboard screen to sort the items by due date.
  • 6E Recent Comments
    • If you are sharing your project with your teacher or collaborating on the project with your teammates, you will see a fourth section, Recent comments where you can view comments from your teacher and/or teammates.  Learn more about using comments in NoodleTools by clicking on How to Write and Respond to Project Comments (The Basics).

6C:  The video below shows a quick demonstration on how to share your with a teacher's inbox. 0.35 minutes.  No audio (NoodleTools video):

Step 6F:  Use the links below to leaning more about how to use the Dashboard to work on projects.  If you need help, please contact a Librarian.