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Citation Help: APA & MLA

Properly cite and document sources for scholarly and personal research.

Why Use an Outline?

Most research comes together with a rough plan or outline.   Outlines no matter how rough will help you organize your thoughts before writing your paper.  See the link below to learn more about outlines. 

How do I Create an Outline?


Step 10A:  The outline function is accessed through the Notecards navigation button.

Step 10B:  The right panel of the Notecards screen is reserved for your outline.

Step 10C:  The outline panel can be collapsed or expanded if you aren’t using or working on an outline and you would like additional space to manipulate your notecards on the tabletop. Click the small arrow button in the top-right corner to collapse or expand the panel.

Step 10D:  If you need more space for the outline, there is a gray “handle” between the tabletop and outline panels that can be dragged left and right to devote more or less horizontal space to the outline. This can be useful if you are writing longer phrases as your outline topic titles, rather than just keywords.

Step 10E: The menu in this area helps you create and delete items in your outline.  

Step 10F:  Please use the links below to help you learn more about how to create and use an outline using NoodleTools.  If you need help, Ask a Librarian.