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Citation Help: APA & MLA

Properly cite and document sources for scholarly and personal research.

How to Create Notecards


Step 9A and 9B:  Once you open a project,  there are two ways to access and then create your notecards:  the Source and Notecards navigation buttons. Since you can view and edit all of your notecards in either screen, you'll find that you develop a preference for working in either the Notecards or Source buttons as you take notes.

Source screen (9A) versus Notes screen (9B)

Source screen (9A):  If a notecard is created for the Source screen, it is automatically associated with a particular source.

Notecard screen (9B):   A "thought card" (a notecard that contains your own thoughts or a reminder to yourself, not tied to any reference in your source list) can only be created from the Notescard screen.

Please use the links below to learn more.  The guide also provides directions on how to add and edit an annotation and how to delete and undelete source references.  If you need help, Ask a Librarian.

Video: How to add an image to a notecard

The video below demonstrates how to add an image to a notecard. 1.04 minutes.  No audio (NoodleTools video):