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Citation Help: APA & MLA

Properly cite and document sources for scholarly and personal research.

Image Citation

This page provides information on how to cite images.

Any visual media or image used to write a formal paper or project must be cited. Your instructor will let you know which style is required.  Your research assignment  handout or syllabus may also provide what type of style is required.  If you need clarification, friendly librarians are also available to assist you.

At a minimum, image citations should include the following information:

  • Title
  • Creator name
  • Repository information (museum, library, or other owning institution)
  • Image source (database, website, book, postcard, vendor, etc.)
  • Date accessed

It is also useful to include date, culture, and rights information, if known.

Where do you put the citations?

1.  Within the body of your paper (in-text-citations)
2.  In a list at the end of your paper (usually called Works Cited, References or Bibliography)


When do you use an attribution?

An attribution is less formal than a citation. Simpler. It is often used for presentations or papers or other formats that do not require a formal citation style.

What information do you need to attribute?

  • Where the image came from (URL)
  • Who created it
  • If it has a creative commons license

Where do you put an attribution?

1.  Put the attribution right under the image or visual media
2.  Sometimes your instructor may required you to list the attributed citations at the end of your paper (usually called Works Cited, References or Bibliography)