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Citation Help: APA & MLA

Properly cite and document sources for scholarly and personal research.

What is Plagiarism?

Concerning academic library researching, reading, writing, science, and math, plagiarism is using any words or ideas without giving credit to the source. Plagiarism is also copied copyrighted materials which is an additional crime called copyright infringement.  The most obvious form of plagiarism consists of copying someone’s work and ideas and failing to give credit to that individual by not using quotation marks, in-text citations or citing the author.  Students attending South Mountain Community College are encouraged to support SMCC and MCCCD Student Honor Code System.

To avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement, be of aware of the following facts:

  1. Honor Code System
  2. Original Work
  3. Summarize, Paraphrase, and Quote Sources
  4. Permission Templates
  5. Bibliographic Citations

For more information, consult your instructor, course syllabus, and your librarians.  Stuck? Please, also, reach one or more of the SMCC Learning Support Centers.

Honor Code

When you are given a project, the work must be your own. Some of your projects may be collaborative and cooperative.  Properly document materials for group projects.  Work of individual group members must be carefully documented for individual contributions.  Please, also, consider defining your personal honor code, familiarizing yourself with the Student Honor Code, and  Academic Integrity for SMCC and MCCCD.

Code of Academic Integrity

Avoid Plagiarism Tutorials

The links below will take you away from this guide and library website.

Plagiarism Checker

Your instructor may ask you to use Turnitin, a web-based plagiarism detection software, that checks the originality of your work.  Turnitin is located in Canvas.  For more information, consult your instructor, your  librarian, and course syllabus.

Permission Templates

Here are are two samples of permission templates. You may use them as a guide to request permission to use copyrighted works: