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Get to Work! Maximize Your Employability

A guided pathway for students to develop themselves personally and professionally for a successful career.

What Do I Want to Do?

Identify Your Goal, Job or Career Interest

Now that you have completed an assessment of yourself, you should be aware of some of your skills, strengths, and experiences.  Your next step is to determine what you want to do, where you can do it and who employs people who do what you want to do?



Set SMART goals:  What you want to achieve.  What you will do to achieve it.  Goals are living so they need to be updated and nurtured.
SPECIFIC:  Aim for a specific, concrete area for your goal or steps. For example, “make three job search calls within two weeks, June 28 to July 13, 2018.” vs. “make some search calls.”
MEASURABLE:  You can tell if you have achieved your objective because you can count it or see it.  Ask questions such as: how much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished? Can I see it? 
 ATTAINABLE:  Goals are most attainable when steps are thought out clearly and allow enough time. How do you intend to accomplish your goal? Which actions follow on other actions? Is the goal realistic given where you’re starting from? It should be a challenge, but also achievable. 
RELEVANT:  A relevant goal is one that really matters to you and to the end result. Is it worthwhile? Is this the right time? Does your goal relate to other efforts or timelines? Does it require resources that are currently available?
TIMELY:  A goal should be grounded within a defined time period, both for clarity and to give your action urgency. When do you want to begin? When do you want to complete each step?  

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