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IFS 210 Research in a Global Society

3 credit hour course:

  • Transfers to ASU, U of A, and NAU
  • Gen Ed credit of Global Awareness [G]
  • Gen Ed credit of Social- Behavioral Science [SB]

A comparative study focused on access to digital information in a global environment. Explore the global culture developing around the Internet and the impact of local, national and global cultures as well as economic and social factors related to the flow of information in a global society. Examine emerging technologies to produce and distribute information across cultures in a global society in an ethical manner. 

For more information about this class please contact

Dr. Cate McNamara



IFS 110 Critical Research for College Success

 1 credit hour course:
  •  that Transfers to ASU, U of A, and NAU as elective credit.  
Access, evaluate, and incorporate sources appropriately into academic projects.