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HIS104 Dr. Summer Cherland

Golden Gate Barrio: Gone but Not Forgotten

Lydia Johnson, Librarian


I've loved working with Dr. Cherland's classes and I am here to help you!

This research guide is meant as a starting point for this assignment, hoping to give you some leads on where to find good, valid information. You will become the expert on this subject and I would be happy to see what you discover on your research journey. 

Normally you would be visiting the Library and I would be helping you to find resources for your assignments.

As you know these aren't normal times, but library faculty are poised to help you no matter what. Whether it be this class or another, please refer to the library webpage: 

Aside from those resources please email me, with specific questions. I don't know everything, but I love helping our students to find answers!

Thank you, Lydia Burruel Johnson