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ENG102 McCurry

Library online resources to assist you in your project!



Gale Power Search: (Clink this link to be taken to the database main page)

Gale Power Search saves you many steps and indexes such useful periodicals as, "Mother Earth News" and "Countryside & Small Stock Journal" which contain  practical information about subjects for your project like this article:

You can find this and other useful information by searching the database with keywords. Also included are videos and images when available. 


You don't have to physically go to a library to find fantastic books. Our ebrary collection is amazing and again those useful keywords will help you find a new resource, the ebook! 

Take a look at the Ebsco Academic ebook Collection: (This link takes you to the A-Z list of databases on the Library web page, scroll through the list and find this database alphabetically in the "Es" for EBSCO

By completing a basic search using the keywords, "solar power," I discovered this title:

                                    Solar Power to the People

                                    Authors: Wijk, Ad van, Roest, Els van der, Boere, Jos, 2017

A book like this will give you information about solar power, it's origins and uses.