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SMCC Code of Conduct

Students must abide by SMCC's Student Code of Conduct (page 39 of the student planner) while in the library.

Phoenix Public Library Standards of Conduct


Everyone is welcome at South Mountain Community Library.  All users of the Library must behave in a manner that does not interfere with another's use of the facility.


Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with the rights of others, when it could result in injury to oneself or others, or when it could result in damage to library materials, buildings or equipment.

Examples of unacceptable behavior inside the library include:

  • abandoning children;
  • abusing or vandalizing library facilities, equipment or materials;
  • bringing in any animals except service animals;
  • bringing in alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or other stimulants, or intoxication from them;
  • bringing in more than two (2) parcels per person (parcels can be no larger than 34”x18”x20”);
  • bringing weapons into the library;
  • eating outside of designated food areas; having beverages in  drink containers without lids;
  • entering the library without appropriate attire, including a shirt and shoes;
  • harassing other library users or library employees, including physical, sexual or verbal abuse;
  • loitering or bathing in restrooms;
  • making noises that interfere with other library users;
  • personal hygiene offensive  so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons; unsanitary belongings;
  • running; sleeping; spitting;
  • soliciting, panhandling, gambling;
  • using portable audio, visual or communications devices audible to others;
  • violating any criminal law of the Phoenix City Code or the Arizona Revised Statutes.

If a library user chooses to violate these standards of conduct, they will be asked to leave.  Police will be called if the user refuses to leave the library or if the behavior itself is illegal.

As the South Mountain Community Library is located on College property, the standards of conduct outside the South Mountain Community Library are governed by the South Mountain Community College policies  (please see Student Handbook) and are enforced by the Office of College Safety.

SMCL Study Room Guidelines

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in suspension of study room privileges.

Reservation Guidelines

  • NOTE: In order to use a study room, all customers must submit a room booking online, in-person, over the phone. 
  • Study rooms may be used by SMCC affiliates and Phoenix Public Library cardholders only.
  • Reservations required via telephone at (602) 243-8194, online at, or in person at a library information desk.
  • Rooms may be reserved up to one (1) week in advance.
  • The maximum number of hours a customer may reserve a study room is two (2) hours per day.
  • The maximum number of hours a customer may reserve a study room is six (6) hours per week.
  • Reservations not in use within 15 minutes of the start time may be forfeited.
  • Users may continue to use the study room past their reservation time until another user reserves the room.

Usage Guidelines

  • Users may not bring in additional furniture or remove furniture. 
  • Users must leave rooms in clean condition and return any checked out items, such as cables.
  • No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, food, or drinks without lids may be used in any room.
  • Rooms are not soundproof. Noise level should comply with the Library Standards of Conduct.
  • Do not leave personal items unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost items.
  • The rooms are not to be used for any activities that are either “for profit” or include the collection of monetary donations, for regularly scheduled College courses or public meetings, or gaming.
  • Windows in rooms may not be covered, marked, or taped at any time.

If you need to rent a community or meeting room instead of using a study room, contact the campus scheduler at 602-872-7776.

Information Literacy Classroom L235

Guidelines for Information Literacy Classroom
South Mountain Community Library
South Mountain Community College

According to the ACRL, the Association of College and Research Libraries, Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, "Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning."

Room L235, the Information Literacy classroom in the South Mountain Community Library, is a purpose built space, designed for information literacy instruction that supports the collaboration of academic librarians, instructional faculty and students in the development of lifelong research skills.

It may also be used for library events and programs that support student success, such as workshops about plagiarism.

The Library Information Literacy Classroom is reserved for Information Literacy and research-related instruction. Library instruction sessions are led by both a librarian and a content/discipline instructor. South Mountain Community College faculty, teaching SMCC courses, will contact library faculty to arrange a library session or will fill out the form on the library webpage: Link:

Instructors are asked to please submit library session requests seven (7) calendar days in advance of the date requested. This enables library faculty to have an adequate period of time to prepare for instruction and to consult with the instructor is necessary.

It is critical to the success of the library instruction and required that the discipline instructor remain with the library faculty thorough the library instruction session.

Independent Research:

After the initial library session, and depending on availability, an instructor may request use of the classroom for an Independent Research session (IR) for their students. The use of the classroom for independent research is available when:

  • The class has received prior information literacy instruction from a faculty librarian and the IR session is an extension of the work in the initial library instruction.
  • Requested no more than 4 days prior to the date and time needed. The instruction request form must be filled out. If the room is available the Co-Manager will contact the instructor.
  • Librarian led instruction in support of academic work is a priority for L235 and previously scheduled independent research sessions may be rescheduled at the library's discretion with at least one week notice to the original requestor.
  • L235 may be requested for Independent Research no more than two times during the semester per class section.

The Library recognizes that computers and computer space are at a premium on campus. Please remember:

  • When not in use for library events and classes, L235 is not to be scheduled for use for other college classes outside of the library discipline. During this time the classroom is open to current SMCC students for independent or individual computer use, studying or homework and should not be used for teacher directed activities. 
  • Instructors in need of computer space for reasons other than Information Literacy/Research-related instruction should work through their division, specifically the Administrative Assistant to the Chair. 
  • Students should check the classroom schedule outside the door and also be observant of the posted classroom guidelines.
  • If there are questions about these guidelines or the use of the Information Literacy Classroom please contact the Co-Manager, Lydia Burruel Johnson, at 602.243.8032 or