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CRE101 Ruhlmann

How to Find Digital Content

Your Project

Help is here! This research guide will assist you with choosing some wonderful sources for your assignment. There are 85 databases, thousands of ebooks, and so many more online resources to enrich your research and to produce a project that is both creative and full of useful information.

Follow this link to the Library Homepage: South Mountain Community Library

Check out this research guide, give the suggested resources a try and if you need more help, your instructor and the librarians are here for you!


Choosing a topic

It can be frustrating when you need to come up with a topic and you get a brain freeze. You want something cool, interesting, different. You're not alone. These databases provide topics that can get you started...

GQ Researcher provides original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues in the news. You may also want to click on the homepage for featured and recent reports.

Opposing Issues in Context provides multiple sides to current issues. Choose a category and browse the list below to find information about people, places, and subjects.

Litfinder Topic Finder takes the titles, subjects, and approximately the first 100 words from a subset of your top results and feeds them into an algorithm. Keywords shown in the graphics are those found most often in the text with your search term.  Sometimes a search might bring up expected connections but that's a great way to inspire you to make your own connections.