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Transgender Resources: Get Involved

This guide includes information relating to the transgender experience, lists of transgender books, movies, and television, and links to transgender services across the web.

SMCL is a safe space

South Mountain Community Library is a Safe Space. Two members of our staff have been trained and certified using Safe Space practices. If you're in need, ask for catherine at the 1st or 2nd floor desk.

Being an ally

Are you interested in becoming an ally for transgender and gender-variant people across Arizona? 

On this page, you can find out what that means, how to get started, and where you can make the best use of your resources, your organization's resources, and the resources in your local community or neighborhood. 

Building allyship

From GLSEN, 2012:

What type of environment are you creating in your library?

  • Do your library rules include respect for all visitors and are those rules posted where everyone can see them?
  • Do you intervene when you see name-calling or bullying inperson or online?
  • Does your collection include books, periodicals and media with LGBT-related themes for all age levels?
  • Do you display books and hang posters with diverse faces and families?
  • Do you ensure access to LGBT-related content on the internet (you’d be surprised how many schools and libraries can’t access or other LGBT organizations and resources)?
  • Do you celebrate LGBT-related events, such as LGBT History Month (October), Ally Week (October), No Name-Calling Week (January), Day of Silence (April), and LGBT Pride Month (June)?
  • Do you incorporate LGBT-related materials into other events, such as Banned Books Week (September), Holocaust Remembrance Day (January), Black History Month (February), Read Across America (March), Women’s History Month (March)?
  • Are your library accmmodations (restroom, etc.) safe and accessible for all patrons, including transgender youth?
  • Do you provide space for Gay Straight Alliances or local LGBT youth organizations to meet?
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Allied organizations in AZ